The 10 Most Important Miami Stories of 2017

My choices for the Top 10 Miami Stories in 2017.

1/ President Obama ended the Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy that helped the population boom in the Magic City over its 20 years of existence. See my article on how this and other Cuban immigration policies affected Miami’s development: The Magic of Wet Foot, Dry Foot

2/ Moonlight won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, showing the world a different side to Miami than they are used to. See my article on Moonlight’s unconventional take on Miami’s landscape: Moonlight on Miami

3/ Frost Museum of Science opens its doors to record crowds, effectively completing Museum Park. This move completed a larger shift towards downtown as a center for culture and the arts.

4/ David Beckham has dealt with all major issues and looks poised to bring a soccer team to Miami. After receiving special approval to buy the land, overcoming a lawsuit, and losing and finding new investors, Beckham looks like he is about to enter 2018 with all major hurdles behind him. See my piece on the stadium deal from earlier this year: The Beckham Deal is Good for Miami

5/ Mayor Gimenez redefined parts of his SMART Transit plan, leaving transit riders up in the air as to their future. By suggesting that different technology like buses and ride-share can replace mass transit in Miami, Gimenez seems faulty on his campaign promises of transit solutions. See my earlier article on Smart Buses: Are Buses SMART?

6/ Hurricane Irma shook Florida, but her damage was mostly limited to foliage and power lines. The storm was generally well managed by state authorities, despite the ever-changing prediction models. See my piece on its lasting effects here: Irma: A Storm 25-years in the Making

7/ FPL’s response to Hurricane Irma was widely criticized and became the party to a number of lawsuits. See my earlier article on changes that can be made and problems with the current status quo: FPL in a Post-Irma Florida

8/ Francis Suarez was elected Mayor of Miami at the young age of 40, representing a new wave of young leadership in the city. His top issues included affordable housing, transit, climate change, and income inequality.

9/ City of Miami residents voted in favor of the Miami Forever Bond, a bond of $400 million for use in climate change resiliency, affordable housing, and public safety. See my piece on the subject, advocating in favor of it: What is the Miami Forever Bond?

10/ University of Miami Hurricanes shocked Miamians going 10-2 before the bowl game, almost qualifying for the Bowl Championship Series. That record included a perfect 7-0 at home, creating fan hysteria.


See my piece on The Top 10 Most Important Miami Stories of 2016 as well, and have a Happy New Year!