Solving Hub Based Transit using Sky-Buses (drones)

My proposal for the City of Tomorrow Challenge by Ford, soliciting transit solutions in Miami.

Cities today are not developing as they did before. There is not 1 center of Miami but multiple. Downtowns are created by each neighborhood, breathing in their own culture and lifestyle into each node. Each is a small city by themselves, but people in them often need to move between them. This is where transit and traffic fail to connect and easily move people to and from their destinations. This includes daily commuters, lunch hour crowds, school drop-offs, and more. Moving around the county from node is node is difficult, and no comprehensive solution has yet been proposed to solve it.

Conceptual Proposal for a Hub Based Transit system using autonomous flying vehicles.

My solution proposes using autonomous flying vehicles to create a network of hubs across the city, allowing intercity commutes to be off the road, and in the sky. The solution proposed may appear far-fetched, but it is simply a stepping stone to reach a larger conversation. If we had all of the money and political support, how would we solve our problems? From that solution, we can begin to edit and find something pragmatic and implementable. This iteration/proposal is simply to raise the point about hub based transit, in order to reach a point of finding solutions to the right question, which is “What mode can we use to move across the city’s nodally instead of arterially?”
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